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Husband & Wife Team A*K*A THE CANNA COUPLE


We have over 10 years of experience cultivating cannabis. Having family & friends with certain medical conditions who are not able to consume cannabis by smoking, inspired us to get our cultivating license to cultivate our own organic cannabis strains for patients and create premium organic gourmet cannabis delights with holistic proprieties that taste great and can be an alternative as opposed to taking medical prescriptions.

We specialize in a huge variety of Cannabis Infused Gourmet Pastries & Treats. We are here to change "the bad edible experience" that most people have encountered. We micro dose our pastries using our organic Hybrid Strains which are Sativa/Indica (50/50) blend, so you have a nice balance and euphoric experience. You will be able to function during the day and sleep very well at night.

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Email: puffpuffandpastrees@gmail.com

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